Kathy Brown, TLC, unlocks individuals’ true potential by exploring unconventional perspectives that have proved to solve leadership, relationship, and motivational challenges in life.

To do this, Kathy Brown, the owner of Kathy Brown, TLC, helps clients recognize and enhance their power, wisdom, and love through transformative energy… and this process is the dance of life!

Kathy utilizes various techniques to assist individuals in accessing their Physical, Intellectual, Relational, Emotional, and Spiritual energies to live a balanced life.

Energy is the foundation that underlies all reality. When one masters their own energy by learning how to activate each of their energies collaboratively, one has mastered complete joy and harmony.

Kathy is an expert in recognizing energy and determining what to develop to reach that point of balance. She deems that the secret to living a fulfilled life, both personally and professionally, is for all leaders to understand their own personal energies and how they show up in everyday life.

The Power of Five

Kathy Brown TLC, The Power of Five Chart

Understand higher wisdom and learn how to stand in one’s own power through The Power of Five.

The Power of Five includes five energies. These five personal energies shape our response to every opportunity and challenge in life. In any given situation in your life, there is one lead energy in which you perceive the situation, while the other four serve as supportive or secondary energies.

When you learn to completely balance and implement these five energies, you will begin to positively influence your life and connect to the world around you in a more powerful and inherent way. In other words, your life begins to move in-flow, feeling that it all works for you rather than against you.

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    Spiritual is the forum in which our soul’s wisdom is imparted to our physical being.

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    Intellectual is the forum in which we analyze past, present, and future events by using our mind’s higher and lower frequencies.

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    Physical is the forum in which we experience the human condition. One’s body is the physical structure in which one houses energy.

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    Psychological is the forum in which we transform ourselves through introspection and interplay with others.

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    Emotional is the expression of energy through human form. It’s the Geiger counter that alerts you to an imbalance within your other four energies.

Balanced Energy is the Secret to a Fulfilled Life

Kathy Brown TLC, Balanced Energy Chart

Meet Kathy

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Kathy started unraveling the mysteries of her life when she began to understand the power of energy. There is so much more to energy than most people are aware. Kathy’s knowledge of energy allowed her to experience magnificent relationships and create a career she absolutely loves for the past thirty-five years. Though in those thirty-five years, she’s had to make the choice to leap many times to get her to the place she is today; an Author, Speaker, Dancer, Leadership, and Energy Coach.

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