Ryan Roessler – Public Speaking

The first time Kathy saw me, she said I should be doing public speaking.  So with public speaking I’ve been able to take my businesses to a higher level much quicker than I would otherwise, with a talent I never knew I had.  It’s like I could run a four minute mile, but I didn’t know I could run a four minute mile.  Without Kathy’s help in this I don’t think I would have ever found the gift that I have in public speaking.

Kim Hong- State Farm Insurance Rep & Office Manager

In a time when we are inundated with information, selling is no longer about the product, but much more about the support associated with the product. Early on, I learned in sales training that you must “build” rapport to help get the customer prepared to buy. Because of Kathy’s seminar I have transformed the act of building rapport into learning about whom my customers are and building relationships that extend beyond the sale. By sharing about myself and listening to my customers, they know me as their partner and consultant, not just a sales person.