Connect to Spirit Through Movement Classes

Connect to Spirit Through Movement Classes

Would you like to be in charge of the energy creating your life?
Learn how the physical body plays an intricate part of transitioning this wonderful energy onto the earth.

EXPLORE the inner spirit by awakening the passion of movement.  We begin to have a tangible understanding of Spirit/Energy and how we can focus and direct its flow.  Feel the energy, confidence, and freedom!

Connect to Spirit Through Movement Lessons

Wednesday 8:00 – 9:00 pm     Cost $95.00 per 5 week session
Continuous sessions all year!

Location: 3868 N. Lincoln Ave. Fl#2 Chicago, IL 60613 Starting Dates:

 email or call 312-666-6682 to register.

EXPERIENCE spirit on a whole new level creating synergy within your masculine and feminine energies.  Develop a new relationship with self and then others.  Movement through music generates a fun and enlightened environment.

DISCOVER the euphoria of remembering who ‘you’ are, while moving in your own power without doubt or fear.  Being the fullness of self while being able to share with others.

UNDERSTAND the power of possibilities by getting in touch with your physical energy.

ENERGY is in constant transformation.  We have freedom of choice.  If one does not consciouslydirect this gift of energy, one is creating its experience unconsciously and may not be receiving the desired results.  Come join us in uncovering the gift of energy.

“Experiencing the merging of the spiritual and physical energies
has been unbelievably exhilerating!”
                                                                                               Christine Chevlin – Registered Nurse

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