Time and Energy VS. Time Management

Time Management‘TIME and ENERGY’ vs.

Time managment isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.  How would you like to be managed?  I prefer a partnership.  But before Partnering with Time there has to be Respect.  And to have Respect for Time, you have to have an Understanding of Time.  Like any partnership, the more you understand your partner the better the relationship.

So let’s understand Time.  Time is absolute.  It doesn’t lengthen, it doesn’t shorten.  Yet very effective people seem to get more done in less time.  How would you like to expand your energy within the confines of time?  Sounds good doesn’t it?  The end result would be the ability to be more efficient, more creative, and most importantly, more relaxed within the same allocated time.

The way we do this is by looking at Time from a different perspective.  Instead of a linear approach, we can look at Time as an empty container ready to be filled.  With Energy.

With what type of Energy are you filling your container?  Imagine an 8 ounce glass.  This is your empty container of Time.  Whatever you place in the glass is Energy.

When you constantly remind yourself how difficult a project is, you use up your energy  with a dense and sluggish story.  You drain yourself of energy.  The eight hour work day seems to take sixteen hours.  And you certainly don’t look forward to the next day because it drains you just thinking about it.  You have become a victim of the Energy of your own thoughts, so therefore what you can accomplish in Time suffers.  You are filling the glass with your story.  There isn’t much room for productivity, much less creativity.

Doing the opposite will have a positive effect.  Remember when you were a child and outside playing with your friends.  Your mother said you could play until dinner time.  Three hours later when your mother called you in to eat you couldn’t believe it was already Time.  You were in a Moment in Time.

The same goes for when you are working on a project and the focus is on the creative process.  An even better scenerio is when you enjoy sharing the creative process with another.  This feeds your Energy.  Time flies and you don’t know where it flew to…

What type of Energy did you put in the container?  You choose the Energy.  And you choose the focus of the Energy, both in the confines of Time.

How do we partner with Time?
You choose your Energy.  And maximize your Time.

I trust you found something of value here.  To learn more about creating beneficial Time & Energy in your life, let’s have a conversation.
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