Spirit Energy Workshop 102 – Heal and Balance the Mind, Body, Spirit

Recognize your own power within. Direct your own Spirit Energy source to energize, clear, heal, and balance the body, mind, and spirit through meditation and exercises. Take our Healing Spirit Energy Workshop 102.

Thursdays 7:00 – 9:30 pm
January 8 — February 5th
February 12 — March 12
Cost: $250   5 week sessions (Classes continue throughout the year.)
Location: 505 N. Lake shore Dr. #6012 Chicago, Il. 60611

Explore the energy we all sense, but know little about. You will be introduced to the five creative energy forces so you can understand how you can influence and connect to the world around you.

“Learning about the energy of life, the energy that we all sense, but know little, has changed the way I see the universe and the way I now interact with it.”
Dr. Wilson Hartz – Surgeon Northwestern Hospital

January through December 5 week classes 

March 19 — April 16
April 23 –May 21
May 28 — June 25
July 2 — July 30
Aug 6 — Sept 3
Sept 10 — Oct 8
Oct 15 — Nov 12
Nov 19 — Dec 17 ( $200 four weeks)
January through December 5 week classes

Please email or call (312) 666-6682 to find out the best time to start this Healing Energy Workshop.


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