Getting in Touch with Your Spirit Energy

I can feel it… It’s right at my fingertips…I just can’t see it…

Your 5 Creative Spirit Energies


Spirit EnergyI remember as a child seeing the energy, watching it twist and turn and finding its way through to its destination. I realize now I was seeing how our soul imparts Spirit information to us. It is transported through Energy.

Everyone has accessed this as a child. This is why what comes out of a child’s mouth can be so profound. Most children begin to naturally disconnect from seeing energy around four or five years old to immerse themselves in earthly experiences.

Energy is always at our disposal. Everyone has the ability to create, but few comprehend how to fully transform these creative thoughts into reality. To do this, we have to understand what energy is and how it works.


Energy is Spirit and Spirit is Energy. The soul’s wisdom manifests itself on the earth through “Spirit Energy.”

Our soul’s wisdom travels through Spirit Energy which is a powerful creative force that enters into the physical body through the Chakra System (1). As a child I saw the spinning energy. I had no idea there was a name for it. I was just fascinated by what I saw and how it worked.

The Chakra System is the processing center for Spirit Energy within the body. The Spirit Energy is dispersed into the body through this system.

There are actually 149 chakras within the close proximity of the body, seven of which reside in the body. If we have a better understanding of these seven, we can begin to comprehend the intangible and how it relates directly to the tangible. We can be the leader of our own destiny.

The first, second and third energy chakras maintain our existence on the earth. The fifth, sixth and seventh maintain our heavenly connection, our unearthly wisdom.

Chakra System- A Pathway for Spirit Energy
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Chakra systemThe fourth chakra, the ‘Heart’ is especially significant. When this chakra is flowing freely it connects and balances the lower level energy chakras with the higher level energy chakras creating heaven on earth. In other words, through this energy center comes wisdom and understanding, which is expressed through love


The eyes may be the window to the soul,

but the ‘heart’ is the pathway.

                                              Kathy Brown – 2010

As Spirit*Energy flows through the chakra system it is not immediately intelligible to us.  So, our body transforms the energy through the Five Creative ForcesSpiritual , Intellectual, Physical, Psychological and Emotional (S.I.P.P.E.), each with its own perspective. It is only through the interplay of the Five Creative Forces that Spirit*Energy becomes understandable.  When the Five Creative Forces work together I call this ‘SIPPE Synergy’ or the ‘SIPPE Team’.  This is where we truly begin to make the choices that guide and direct our lives.

S.I.P.P.E. Synergy – STAR POWER  = the Zone
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S.I.P.P.E Synergy

S.I.P.P.E Synergy

The SIPPE Team is the bridge between being conscious and being unconscious.  When one chooses a thought or action the energies line up accordingly.  Each perspective creates a unique pathway for energy to follow.  As all five perspectives begin to work as a team, the energy is focused toward one common purpose, creating a powerful result.

In the moments when… Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical,
Psychological, and Emotional all come into balance there is a feeling of great harmony and joy.  One might call them moments of enlightenment.

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