About Kathy Brown TLC

KATHY BROWN TLC is a Transformation & Leadership Company committed to awakening the Star Power in each Individual as well as each Organization by:

1. Uncovering creativity within each individual as well as each organization.
2. Discovering untapped opportunities for synergy within a team.
3. Creating a supportive working and playing environment for the individual.
4. Bringing a balanced and passionate focus for the individual and organization.
5. Maintaining a solid foundation while reaching for the stars.

KATHY BROWN, a Transformational Leadership Catalyst, author, founder & president of KATHY BROWN TLC LLC, is a charismatic national keynote and motivational speaker for professional and personal growth.

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What Makes Kathy Brown TLC Unique:

1. Recognizing one’s unique personal energy.
2. How your personal energy relates to the outside world.
3. Learning how to tap into and focus personal energy toward achieving your desired goals.

Using a holistic approach, Kathy inspires individuals to play a proactive role in their personal and professional growth.

Speaking Engagements                   Executive Coaching
Workshops                                        Classes

Business Relationships                    Time Management
Leadership                                        Personal Relationships
Sales                                                   Dance
Team Building                                   Spirituality

Visionary——————————Spiritual———————Inspiration & Imagination
Strategist——————————Intellectual—————–Facts & Strategy
Implementor————————-Physical———————Experiential & Implementation
Cultivator—————————– Psychological————–Relationship & Story
Reveller——————————–Emotional——————Passion & Celebration

In the past 20 years she has been a regular on NBC, ABC, CBS AND Nightly News.  She has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, and in the New York Times, USA Today, Crain’s Chicago Business, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times.

Kathy was honored as one of the “100 Most Important Women in Chicago” in Today’s Chicago Women Magazine, and Chicago Magazine has deemed her “Best Dance Instructor in Chicago”.  She was the spokeswoman for Earl Grey English Liqueur.

She also teaches Dance Fusion, Ballroom, Swing, and Latin Dance.  Kathy doesn’t believe in working out…She believes in Energizing

Kathy has authored three books:

    • A Different Perspective: A Passionate Journey
    • The Secret to the Zone, Book 1
    • Intellectual Energy, Book 2.”

Her next book Power*Spirit coming out in 2014.

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