S.I.P.P.E. Synergy

What is ‘SIPPE’ Synergy and how does it help you create a truly fulfilling and balanced life?  Let me share with you how ‘SIPPE’ Synergy unveiled itself to me in my life. Hopefully Spirit Energythis will guide you in discovering your own ‘SIPPE’ Synergy.

I acknowledged early on that everyone has different facets to their personality. I found, I could easily recognize it in others. Being in a family of ten children, I often saw the different types of energy running through each of my siblings as well as my parents.

The first time I remember this phenomenon I was about 2 ½ years old. I was sitting on the floor watching my mother. Her energy was dispersing from her at a high vibrational rate. She was rather frazzled. My mother was pregnant and had four children under the age of five years old.

Growing up I recognized there appeared to be at least one of five basic types of energy emitting from my siblings at any one given time. The colors changed depending on which energy was activated. It was fascinating to watch. It was like a light show.

I discovered if we were outside running around playing games it was more to the pinkish or red color. If any of us were sharing secrets the energy seemed to have a purple hue. When we were trying to figure out how something worked it changed to blue. These colors were very faint. What was more powerful was the vibration change. This was as clear as night and day.

There were times where we would get really frustrated at each other. Whoever was aggravated had an energy color of faint orange, but their vibration was intense. I could feel it all through my body. It felt like a physical attack. As soon as they got their frustration out, they were back to being all buddy, buddy – a calming vibration. We took turns playing the mother, when seeing the bigger picture the energy was more like a glow.

I remember when I was five or six years old. I would look in the mirror trying to see what my color was. I could never see it.  I learned how important it was not to repress the energy. It has to go somewhere. Either inward or outward, it is going to move.

A child who has pent up energy may need physical activity. Or he/she may have an inquisitive nature, asking questions all the time. One does not want to repress the energy but create an appropriate outlet for their continual growth. They are learning how to work with their energies. It is the same for adults. If your husband or wife is antsy or has an unpleasant attitude for no apparent reason, he/she may have to release some steam by going to the gym, playing sports, or going out and sharing conversation with a friend.

As I became older I noticed there was a strong correlation between the energy vibration and their personality traits. I decided I was going to get in touch with and try to understand the unknown facets of my own personality. I recognized my logical side and realized how sometimes it did not agree with my emotional side. As I explored further, I saw the discord wasn’t just the emotional versus the logical. It was much more involved than that and so much more intriguing, just like what I saw with my siblings. Let me provide you with my perspective.

Within my everyday life I have an opportunity to experience four distinct perspectives on life.  These perspectives are the Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, and Psychological.

To accomplish success in life I realized I must allow each perspective the opportunity to expand and grow.  When an individual perspective is developed to a certain level, I may feel the Zone for only a moment, a week, or a month. Or, for example, many have experienced the Zone in sports, yet they fail to carry it over to their careers or relationships.  To experience longevity in the Zone in all aspects of my life, I recognized I must develop all four perspectives equally. Most of us have strong components in one or two out of the four perspectives. Bringing the third and fourth component into balance is the secret to the inner power that manifests within our inner being and outer reality.

To help support the balance of all four perspectives, I selected a fifth element, Emotional. Emotional underlies each of the other four perspectives. The powerful nature of the Emotional perspective underscores the strengths and weaknesses of the other four. So I have within me five separate viewpoints on life: Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Psychological, and Emotional.  Energy is perceived differently in each perspective causing it to be utilized differently.

I have concluded the healthiest perspective I can have is a combination of the five, which equals the SIPPE Synergy, where all five work in harmony. The SIPPE Synergy is the pathway and stabilizer to achieving the Zone.

This is where you have recognized and accepted all five creative forces beyond your consciousness, where you transform your present reality into your ultimate reality.  You are now standing in your POWER*SPIRIT.

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