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KATHY BROWN /Executive and Life Coaching.

Kathy Brown is a Transformational Leadership Catalyst.  There is a continual thread through Kathy’s years of executive coaching – transformation through one’s unique personal energy and how it relates to the outside world.

Harnessing One’s Personal Energy Makes All Things Possible!

Transformation takes place through:

1. Recognizing one’s unique personal energy.

2. Discovering how one’s personal energy relates to others.

3. Exploring how your personal energy relates within a group setting.

4. How your personal energy shows up on a broader spectrum to the outside world.

5. Tapping into and focusing this dynamic energy toward achieving desired goals within personal and business endeavors.

Personal Energy is in constant transformation.  If you do not consciously direct this gift of energy,  you are creating its experience unconsciously and may not be receiving the desired results. Wouldn’t you like to be in charge of the energy that creates your life?


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