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KATHY BROWN /Executive and Life Coaching.

Kathy Brown is a Transformational Leadership Catalyst.  There is a continual thread through Kathy’s years of executive coaching – transformation through one’s unique personal energy and how it relates to the outside world.

Harnessing One’s Personal Energy Makes All Things Possible!

Transformation takes place through:

1. Recognizing one’s unique personal energy.

2. Discovering how one’s personal energy relates to others.

3. Exploring how your personal energy relates within a group setting.

4. How your personal energy shows up on a broader spectrum to the outside world.

5. Tapping into and focusing this dynamic energy toward achieving desired goals within personal and business endeavors.

Personal Energy is in constant transformation.  If you do not consciously direct this gift of energy,  you are creating its experience unconsciously and may not be receiving the desired results. Wouldn’t you like to be in charge of the energy that creates your life?


Building Genuine Connections / Virtual Teams & Traditional Teams

In today’s business world,
emerging technologies can overwhelm the best of us.

Each individual is taking on more and more responsibility.  We no longer get to choose only what we are best at – we have to diversify.  Innovation and virtual teams are the way of the new world.

More and more companies are becoming an organization of virtual teams, as well as the traditional teams.  Because of this, it is imperative that team members are able to establish, build, and rely on the connections that they have created.  When your team member recognizes the personal perspective of a manager, co-worker, or customer, it is then  easier for them to create a genuine connection and build on these essential encounters.  It is highly beneficial if your team member is able to engage a co-worker as though they spoke just yesterday even if they haven’t seen or talked to each other in months.

Yes, it is important to understand the type of personality the team member is engaging.  Recognizing the personality type creates a baseline of understanding.  The Myers-Briggs Indicator has proven this.  But how do we develop our skills from this point on?  How do we learn to develop our ability to Paradigm-5-sm-noisrecognize, acknowledge, accept and, more importantly, connect to different individuals at the precise level they need you to?  Frequent and effective communication is paramount to creating trust, the pinnacle of successful teams.  Trust creates confidence, innovation, and empowerment.

This is where the SIPPE Paradigm comes into play.  SIPPE is an acronym for Spirit (Visionary), Intellectual (Strategist), Physical (Implementer), Psychological (Cultivator), and Emotional (Reveler).  These are the defining characteristics reflecting the five personal energies that shape our response to every opportunity and challenge in life.

Communication flows from the SIPPE Paradigm in three steps:

  1. Understanding the five characteristics,
  2. Knowing your own constellation of those characteristics and unifying them,
  3. Recognizing these characteristics in others and how to use them to build connections and communication.

The ideal scenario is for all five personal energies to work in harmony, utilizing your full potential.

Here is more detail on the three steps.

  1. Within each of us we have the opportunity to have five separate viewpoints on any one situation.  In essence, it is a team effort within a single individual.
  2. Understanding and working with your own energies is empowering in itself.  The more you are in sync with and in control of your five personal energies, the more you are in the Zone.  Just like having five strings carefully braided increases their strength beyond that of any one single strand, you are more aware and more powerful with your five personal energies aligned.  It’s not just about using your strengths and recognizing your weaknesses it’s about using your strengths to turn your weaknesses into contributing members of your own internal team.
  3. Applying this to others is a natural and powerful methodology to effectively and truly communicate.  You become aware of both the constellation of the energies of the person you are engaging, as well as the energy that the individual is displaying at any given moment.  It’s now simply a matter of tailoring your message to how the receiver can best receive it.

Our knowledge and experience with these five personal energies allows us to uncover your strengths and your weaknesses.  We then show you how to develop and strengthen those weaknesses, transforming them into viable assets for the success of your traditional and virtual teams.