Accelerate Your Success! Start Firing on All 5 Cylinders – Personal Development Workshop


Start Firing on All Five Cylinders

Join us in Awakening, Cultivating and empowering!

There are five energies that together shape our response to every opportunity and challenge in life. The more you are in sync with your five energies, the more you are in ‘THE ZONE’.  Just like having five strings carefully braided will increase their strength beyond that of any one single strand, you are more aware and powerful with your five energies aligned.

This seminar/workshop is fun, eye-opening, and gives you step-by-step processes to recalibrate your personal energy. Kathy Brown is an award-winning transformational leadership catalyst who has studied and applied the five energies for decades

If we fail to understand the importance of developing as well as coordinating the five energies, distortion and imbalance result — and if not tended to, loss of opportunity, stagnation, and disappointment.  This is especially true when you have developed just one or a few of your energies.  It is similar to the strings on a guitar have to be in tune in relation to each other for them to play beautiful music.

Take this opportunity and advance your vision today.  Kathy’s sessions are part instruction, part presentation and part workshop.

This is the only workshop of its kind!   Nowhere else can you learn about these five energies and how to develop & align them to maximize your personal potential and accelerate your success. Kathy provides individualized attention to further develop your unique constellation of the five energies.

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More about Kathy Brown:
In the past 20 years she has been a regular on NBC, ABC, CBS, and Nightly News. She has been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, in the New York Times, USA Today, Crain’s Chicago Business, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times.  Kathy was honored as one of the “100 Most Important Women in Chicago” in Today’s Chicago Women Magazine.   “Chicago Magazine has deemed her ‘Best Dance Instructor”.  

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