… My Revelation

Spirit-energyIt was an early morning wakeup call. The alarm was blaring as if there was a police siren right in the bed next to me. I reached over Stu’s sleeping body to shut it off! As usual my love slept right through the noise. I had gotten to bed around 1:00AM, just five hours earlier.

The day before was typical for a Monday. I had been teaching private dance lessons most of the day. I had my usual scheduled classes at night, starting with 6PM / Ballroom II, followed by Ballroom I, Swing I, and to finish, Latin I ending at 10:00PM. I always seemed to be energized after so many hours of teaching. I had to wind down before going to bed.

Once the alarm went off the second time, I made sure Stu got up so he wouldn’t be late for work. I then snuggled under the warm blankets and went back to sleep.

An hour later I jumped out of bed, took a shower, grabbed a croissant with orange juice and was ready to drive to the studio for another day of dance lessons. I had to put out of my mind the aching pain in my big toe. I had banged it into a chair leg just a week ago. It was hard to believe I had actually broken it.

The day continued as usual. I loved teaching and creating with my students. When four o’clock rolled around, I went home to get a bite to eat. I had my dance classes starting at 6:30PM.

I enjoyed the beginning classes on Monday night because I loved watching the excitement in the students faces when they figured out a new move. The Tuesday night advanced classes were just as fulfilling, but more because of the opportunity to challenge my students creatively. Many of these students had been with me for three to sixteen years already. We knew each other well and enjoyed the family-like connection we shared. I had fun as usual. But then, after the classes, Tuesday night turned out to be a very unusual night.

I was teaching Bob one of my advanced students, a private dance lesson from 9:30 to 10:30PM. It was about 10:10 and Bob looked at me and asked if I felt alright. I said I was fine. He said; “Are you sure?” I replied, “Well, I have a broken toe and I have a migraine but other than that I am fine. Why? Bob told me I was as white as a sheet and he thought I should go home. I would never have considered stopping in the middle of a lesson, but he insisted. Now, it gets interesting…

The minute I got into my car it felt like a bulldozer had run me over. The migraine was back full force, and my body was aching like I had never felt before. I carefully drove home and got into the apartment.

Stu had left a note asking me to get him up at 5am. So I quietly went into the medicine cabinet looking for aspirin, just something to release the pain.

My migraine continued to get worse. I went into the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack from the freezer, placing it on the back of my neck. I was hoping this would do the trick. I ran energy breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth trying to clear whatever was going on.

Every inch of my body was in pain. I could feel every joint wanting to explode. I practically crawled back into the bathroom and turned on the hot water in the tub to create steam. I poured a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil in the water hoping it would break up whatever might be creating the block.

It had now been an hour and nothing was working. It was so excruciating that I was in tears. I didn’t know what to do. I was in total survival mode. I went into the bedroom, dragged myself up on to the bed, and woke Stu. In between the tears, I told him about the pain, and how I had tried everything, and nothing worked.

In his dazed state, he pulled me over to him and started rubbing my head. This has always been the one thing that melts anything away. It started to work! I was beginning to relax. Hope was creeping in. My mind was leaving the confines of survival and entering the creative world of possibility. A calming influence came over me.

I fell deep into a meditative state of mind where I was aware of everything, yet, also separate from it. It was fascinating. I could intellectually account for everything, but from an objective viewpoint. I was an observer watching and taking in the information. I found myself connected to something bigger than myself. While another more earthly part was very much involved with rationalizing and trying to analyze each small detail of the pain looking for an answer.

The pain was subduing enough to where I wasn’t scared. I said a prayer. Please God if Stu could just keep this up for another minute I think I could handle the pain. Just another minute… The pain wasn’t going away, but I knew I could get through it if it just didn’t get worse. For the next ten minutes, I was praying Stu wouldn’t stop rubbing my head, a part of me was dreading the intensity would worsen. All of a sudden there was a masculine voice.

The commanding, masculine voice said, “Would you like to go on to the next level?” I don’t know how I did this, but I turned to myself and asked if I wanted to go on to the next level. I said yes.

Right when I accepted to go on, Stu ran his hand from my head slowly down my body and past my feet. A lighter energy with a much higher vibration followed his hand, washing the pain right out of my body! It was magical!

What was left in its wake was my body energized like a Christmas tree with its lights on. It sounded like a river was flowing through me, yet I was light and airy. I could feel every cell in my body being rejuvenated. I was amazed at the complexity and exquisiteness of the physical form from this universal perspective. I felt wonderful!

The voice came back. It asked for a second time, “Would you like to go on to the next level?” I again turned toward myself and asked if I wanted to go on to the next level. I said yes. The whole room lit up with the most wonderful spirits, like colorful starbursts. A vibrant, warmth emanated from them and through me. I could no longer see Stu’s physical body, but his spirit was full of love. At that moment I understood on a deeper level that we are never alone. We are at one with these angelic spiritual beings.

It was so clear. We are all interconnected. I saw every thought, action, and non-action immediately affect every human form, organic entity, as well as angelic being. I saw an instantaneous realignment in the universe. The intricacy as well as the simplicity was magnificent!

For the third time, the voice asked if I would like to go on to the next level. This time I didn’t turn toward myself to ask. I just said yes. In that moment, the love that surrounded me took my breath away. Tears flowed from my eyes as my emotions succumbed to the experience.

I realized it did not make a difference if I had changed the world or had never done anything in my life. I understood that I was loved just the same. The love was all encompassing, deep into every cell of my body. Every moment of doubt washed away. Every feeling of sadness or pain was nonexistent. Words cannot express the peace and exhilaration I felt. I no longer wondered if I was worth it, or if what I did yesterday counted for today. I felt the radiant beauty within me.

Then for the fourth and last time the voice said, “Would you like to go on to the next level?” I said yes. At this moment, I was all things; I knew all things; I was everywhere. I wasn’t with Jesus, Mary, Moses or Buddha. I was a part of them. I saw from their eyes. I was their eyes. Everything was one. There was no fear. It was all-expansive. The magnitude was something I could not have imagined.

I knew that when I came back from this experience, I would not know everything I knew then, and I understood why.

I do know that within these five levels, I was blessed to be able to experience “Universal Consciousness” without fear, without limitation, and beyond earthly boundaries. I discovered this was possible by accessing each level through one of the five creative forces; the Intellectual, Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual realms… each one an equally powerful energetic expression of Spirit/Energy. I realized by the last level it was an accumulation of all five that brought me to the ultimate experience, Power*Spirit.

I don’t know how long I was not here – but there – or everywhere, but when Stu reached over and kissed me on my forehead before going back to sleep, I was suddenly back. The interesting thing is…I couldn’t move. I wanted to hug Stu and thank him but my body couldn’t move. Only my eyes were active, filled with emotion.

Because of this experience, I was never to be the same. The most important personal lesson I learned was that we are all worthy. We just don’t remember. Every time I hear someone say they are not worthy, they are supporting the pretense. I know how wrong they are.

Another bit of knowledge I kept was that giving and taking are opposite sides of the same coin. They are one and the same. One is not better than the other. Neither giving nor taking to the extreme is good. If you only take, you are depleting others. If you only give, you are depleting yourself. The secret is sharing, the balancing of both giving and taking. Most of my life I have tried to emotionally grasp this concept, and now I truly believe that I have.

When the morning came I noticed my limbs didn’t work quite right. It was really rather humorous. It took half the day to get back into my body. I asked Stu what he saw. He didn’t see anything. He was just focused on helping me feel better.

I understand now the magnificence of being human. We are on this earth to have the extraordinary opportunity to experience life through a unique vessel, with all its fascinating visual, auditory, kinetic and sensory awareness. The juicy flavor of biting into an orange, the first kiss, or the satisfaction of knowing you made something out of next-to-nothing, each one an irreplaceable and precious moment.

Being in my body is as exciting as being out of body, just different. I am not in any hurry to go. There is so much to experience here. Yet when the time comes I know it will be another magnificent journey.

The Voice

This wasn’t the only time I heard the very strong, masculine voice. The first time it happened, I was eleven years old. I was at the Niles community pool. I only knew how to dog-paddle but I loved jumping off the high dive. As soon as I hit the water I would paddle over to the side and then get in line to jump again.

One day I was jumping off the high dive as usual and the next person in line jumped too soon and landed right on my head. I began to take water in my mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to make it. All of a sudden this powerful voice told me to totally relax and I would float to the top. I did and I was fine!

Years can go by and then unexpectedly in a situation where I am not aware of something important, this powerful voice comes back. This voice is a physical entity, not an inner voice.

A couple of months before I married Stu, I heard the voice. I was on my way down the elevator in my apartment building, on my way to class. I had forgotten my engagement ring. I often take it off when taking a shower. I was close to being late, and since I don’t believe in being late, I ignored the fact that I didn’t have the ring on. As the elevator descended, the voice said; “Go get your ring.” I had not heard the voice in years. But when the voice shows up, I don’t exactly ignore it. I went back up stairs and put on the ring and continued on to my class. Several hours went by. By the end of the third hour of classes, the office told me someone was here to talk to me. The office assumed it was about dancing.

In between the classes I walked out and was totally shocked. My ex-husband was waiting for me. I had not seen or heard from him in fifteen years. I told him I would be finished at ten o’clock if he would like to go have coffee.

After class we went across the street for coffee. I had gotten a divorce because he was a very dangerous alcoholic. His body was ravaged by the alcohol. His eyes and hands were the only thing that was familiar. He had not been drinking this night but the smell of alcohol exuded from his pores, so I knew he was still actively drinking. He had not changed.

He shared with me that he was following my accomplishments through the media. I was on many TV and radio shows for my relationship seminars. If I had not been wearing the engagement ring, I don’t know what would have happened.

Yes, this voice is a familiar voice. But never did the voice ever say more than one or two sentences. Never did the voice take me through the five levels until now.

After experiencing the Five Levels, I recognized the magnitude of the energy I had been seeing and accessing since I was a child. I realized my purpose was to enlighten others to the energy in and around them and to empower them with that knowledge.

For the past twenty years since that event, I have been accessing this knowledge and imparting it to others through dance, relationship seminars, business and energy workshops, as well as, one-on one sessions.

If we are to reconnect to Spirit, we must activate the five Universal forces within us: Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Psychological and Emotional by giving an equal voice to each one. It is finding that perfect balance within our self. Only then can we have the passionate and fulfilling life we were meant to experience. What a wondrous world we can create and experience!

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