Dance and Energy


Ride the Wave of Ecstasy,
Dance with the Dream of your Fantasies,
Express your True Inner Passions

The Energy of dance through Swing Dance, Latin Dance, and Ballroom Dance
allows the infinite expression of relationship
dance-swing-salsa-latin-ballroom-energyEach dance has its primary expression that ultimately lends itself to all emotional energy within any relationship.  The highs, the lows, the intricacies, the fun and play of relationships all found in one dance or another through its unique energy.  It is there for you to experience in a safe and creative place, the dance floor…

The dance of Swing takes you to a place of fun and play where two people test their ingenuity and  imagination with fast paced steps while they are whirling through the playground of life.

Within the dance of Cha-Cha one  announces their individual personality while engaging another to do the same.

Loving couple holding on the hands and sunsetFoxtrot is a perfect dance to create a connection with another. It is like meeting a new acquaintance and discovering the underlying synchronicity that one can share.  This builds into a friendship where the pair glide across the floor, effortlessly.

The dance of Rumba is where you are beginning to feel more than just friendship.  A sensuality is rising up through the body.  The emotional energy begins to play with your inner sensibilities. There is the back and forth emotion of yes, no, maybe within your inner psyche.  There is a discreet, yet powerful experience of feeling out the other person.

The dance of Tango is  passion no longer hidden.  And of course where there is passion there is a sense of needing to  remain in control so the game begins.  The body plays out the story where the emotions are expressed with intensity. One takes hold, the other relinquishes- back and forth the drama is played out- the loss, the exhilaration, the power plays – until both finally succumb to the inevitable, love!

Latin dancersWaltz expresses the feeling of freedom as you hover,  float, and fly across the dance floor.  It gives you the feeling of suspended gravity.  For many years waltz has been the wedding dance of the bride and the groom because of this suspended experience.  The movement of the rise and fall of waltz accommodates the highs and the lows of a relationship.  The grace and style compliment the fluid energy of love.

Ah yes… the earthly expression of masculine and feminine exploring the Latin dances.   Where the hips move in synchronicity with your partner and the sexuality oozes from your being. Explore the intenisity of your relationship with another .   Through the movements of “Salsa,” Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata & Samba you can experience the fluid flow of sexuality while dancing.  Experience the fun, excitement, power and interplay on the dance floor.

‘Dance’, the ideal way to experience the magnificent energy  of relationship.

“Dance has allowed me to meet new people, exercise without realizing it,
and experience a new sense of freedom with confidence.”

                                                     Kim Hong – State Farm Ins. Rep & Office Manager
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