Philosophy – Transform Your Life, Tap Into Your Personal Energy

Wouldn’t it be great to dance through life?  Literally or figuratively!  What is dance all about anyway?  It’s about the Energy!  Remember when you first began a relationship… or a new job…or a new hobby.  You were energized.  How do we get that intangible feeling back?

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Be it tapping into spirit’s wisdom, empowering business relations, expressing through dance, or creating personal connections…Energy is the pathway to getting there.  I call it Transformation Through Energy.  How?  By activating the SIPPE Paradigm. 

SIPPE Paradigm / Five Creative Energies

5 Personal Energies

5 Personal Energies

There are five personal energies that together shape our response to every opportunity and challenge in life.  The more you are in sync with your five energies, the more you are in “THE ZONE’.  Just like having five strings carefully braided will increase their strength beyond that of any one single strand, you are more aware and powerful with your five energies aligned.

If we fail to understand the importance of developing as well as coordinating the five energies, distortion and imbalance result– and if not tended to, loss of opportunity, stagnation, and disappointment, be it an organization or an individual. This is especially true when you have developed just one or a few of your energies.  It is similar to the strings on a guitar having to be in tune in relation to each other for them to play beautiful music.

By drawing on the individual strengths of each of these Five Creative Energies your life can blossom and thrive fulfilling your personal and business endeavors.

The Secret of Fulfillment

Come with me and allow me to share with you the secret to fulfillment.  Be it building business leaders, teams, and relationships, creating personal friendships and romance, exploring artistic expressions, and tapping into spirit wisdom… Energy is the thread that connects you to all your goals, dreams, and desires…Let’s get started!

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