Relationship Workshops

Soul Mates & Relationships


How would you like to create a deeper connection with others?  How about having a romantic relationship?  What about being in sync with your co-workers; clients; family?  Let’s not leave out the person you just met.

Learn how to create synchronicity with anyone you meet as well as someone you already have a relationship with.

This session will give you the tools to:
1. Identify who they really are.
2. Melt the Ice
3. Quickly create a relationship with a new person or deepen an existing one.
4. Bring this person into partnership with you.

Let me share with you the five steps to allowing yourself to see them so therefore they can see you.

“Understanding how to connect to others on different levels has allowed me to create a deeper sense of purpose and joy in my life.”
—–Donna Goering – Professor- Northeastern Illinois University