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By Winning the Battle with ‘Time’

Managing ‘Time’ is not the solution, it’s the problem.  No one likes to be managed.  A partnership is preferred.

Time is absolute.  It doesn’t lengthen, it doesn’t shorten.  Yet very effective people seem to get more done in less time.  How would you like to expand your energy within the confines of time?  Therefore being able to be more creative, more efficient, and most importantly relaxed…so you can be more productive within the same allocated time.

Learn how to create synchronicity with time, space and energy.
This workshop will give you the tools to:
1. Respect Time
2. Understand the parameters of Time and the energy it contains.
3. Once you Play with your perception of ‘Time is Absolute’ you can bend it, shape it, and guide it.

Change the feeling of Hard Time to Easy Time with a different perspective.

“Since working with Kathy, I have redefined my relationship with Time far beyond what I thought was even possible.”
– Dan Felix – Lawyer  & Founder of Lawyers Connecting


Partnering With Your Clients / Customers / Co-workers

Are you growing your customer base?  Are you maintaining your relationships with your customers?  How would you like to have all of your customers partner with you to create the business you have always dreamed about?  Learn how to create synchronicity with your customers.

This workshop will give you the tools to:
1. Uncover ‘commonground’ to build rapport
2. Discover the ‘personal commonground’, creating camaraderie
3. Create a powerful relationship
4. Bring your customer into partnership with you

Creating strong genuine relationships with your client is the foremost important detail.  I am sure you have heard “Build it and they will come.”  Build a strong relationship and the sales will come.  If not directly from the relationship, it will be from the person they introduced you to.


From Inspiration to Implementation

Many have the ability to lead but few fully recognize the different elements it takes to be a great leader.  Identify the gap between your present reality and the reality to which you aspire.  Bridge the gap by focusing on five basic elements which in unison will work to balance and stabilize the complex aspects of each and every business opportunity.

1. The Stepping Stones from Imagination to Inspiration.
2. The Stepping Stones from Action to Implementation.
3. Understanding Options
4. Choosing with Perspective , Authority and Passion.
5. Lead by Example.

By consciously looking at the vision through the eyes of the five elements you will harness five different energies which appear as five different perspectives.  By activating the five elements through imagination and Action, you maintain a solid foundation while reaching for the stars.


The Five Elements / Synergy At Its Best

Organizations are made up of teams of individuals coming together for a common goal.  The biggest potential problem is team members not truly understanding how their personal goals coincide with the common goals of the team /organization.

What if there was a way to discover and unleash powerful ‘team-like’ components within each individual?  Once accomplished, you and your team have access to a wealth of innovative members who will be ready to contribute.  Each individual will now have the capacity to:

1. Envision            2. Assess            3. Create            4. Present            5. Deliver

The end game?  Team members sharing ideas and communicating with each other to create the best solution…A perfect Team Fusion.


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