Sales and Business Relationships

I am sure you have heard “Build it and they will come”.
Build a strong relationship and the sales will come.  If not directly from the relationship, it will be from the person they introduced you to.

Create Sales by Building Powerful Relationships

I am here today to share with you the Power of Energy, and to introduce you to the Five Creative Forces which are the foundation of all business dynamics.  The Five Creative Forces are Intellectual, Physical, Psychological, Spirit and Emotional.   By recognizing and understanding these energy forces you will be able to create a powerful and fulfilling organization.

Why should anyone, let alone sales people care about the ‘Five Creative Forces’?  It’s all about genuinely connecting to your client, as well as manager, co-worker and employee.  When you can identify the type of energy an individual is comfortable in, and meet them on that level, you will have the ability to reduce the possibility for misunderstandings and miscommunications.  This allows them to see the positive potential of a working relationship with you.  Ultimately, you will be able to immediately create a genuine connection with each individual on the most basic human level of respect.

Five Creative Forces


The ‘Five Creative Forces’ creates a positive working environment which increases the level of sales and job satisfaction, which in turn creates a higher level of efficiency and maximizes profitability.

Sales is the perfect example where you have only one opportunity to create a genuine connection.


Spirit                   The Visionary                  Inspiration & Vision
Intellectual          The Strategist                  Facts & Strategy
Physical              The Implementer              Experiential & Implementation
Psychological     The Cultivator                  Relationship & Story
Emotional          The Reveller                      Passion & Expression

1. First, recognize the primary energy your client is exhibiting. By doing so, you will create a natural opening to get in the door.

2. Once in the door, exploration is your next step. Do you have a common ground where you can build rapport with this person? Establishing a second energy with this person creates an acquaintance level of relationship. In this level you have the possibility of presenting your product and making a sale. One sale is a probability but you have not yet created a strong enough connection to warrant an ongoing business relationship.

3. By discovering a third energy and establishing a more personal common ground, you will create camaraderie, a connection your client will remember a year from now. You have now established an on-going business opportunity.

4. By sharing an enjoyable experience usually outside the business arena you have the opportunity to experience a fourth energy. This cements the friendship. Your client will automatically connect you to other, potential new clients.

5. Once you have made a connection deep enough, you will be able to bring in a fifth energy. This will create a partnering, a mutual supportive relationship in your personal and business arena.

We all have been told that creating relationship with your client is the most important detail. But the secret is to create honest and genuine relationships which in the end, is longer-lasting and more fulfilling for your professional, as well as your personal life.

To have a more detailed understanding of how to connect with others after 5 o’clock on a personal or romantic level using the 5 Creative Energies continue with this article Energy & Relationships.

Here is an opportunity to Partner with Time


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