Building a Powerful Sales Team with Personal Energy

How would you like to have all of your customers partner with you to create the business you have always dreamed of?  Learn how to create synchronicity with your customers so that together you form a “sales team.”

In Building a Powerful Sales Team with Personal Energy –  you will learn to:

        • Identify who your customer is by using the SIPPE Paradigm
        • Break the Ice
        • Quickly create a relationship with new customers.
        • Bring your customer into partnership with you

In this custom team building seminar Building a Powerful Sales Team with Personal Energy, the foremost important detail is recognizing your client’s unique energy. This is the secret and first step to creating a strong genuine relationship.  I am sure you have heard “Build it and they will come.” Build a strong relationship and the sales will come. If not directly from the relationship, it will be from the person they introduced you to.

Please email or call (312) 666-6682 to get a custom seminar on Building a Powerful Sales Team for your organization.


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