Leadership Training Seminar | The 5 Elements of Leadership – From Inspiration to Implementation

Many have the ability to lead but few fully recognize the different elements it takes to be a great leader.  In this leadership training seminar, learn to identify the gap between your present reality and the reality to which you aspire.

In The 5 Elements of Leadership – From Inspiration to Implementation, you will learn:

        • The stepping stones from imagination to inspiration.
        • The stepping stones from action to implementation.
        • Understanding options
        • Choosing with perspective, authority and passion.
        • Lead by example.

By consciously looking at the vision through the eyes of the 5 elements you will harness 5 different personal energies which appear as 5 different perspectives. This is called the SIPPE Paradigm.  By activating the SIPPE Paradigm through imagination and action, you maintain a solid foundation while reaching for the stars.

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Dan Felix/ FELIX GROUP, P.C.: Holistic Trust Administrator and Counselor

“Let me tell you about Kathy Brown, an outstanding business relationship strategist. I was fortunate enough to hire Kathy recently. This is the overview of what she did for me:

1. Helped me clarify and implement win-win-win strategies;

2.  Identified the intangibles that were in my way. I was trying to get through a locked door, and she showed me the open window!

3. She assessed without being judgmental. Specifically, she told me the straight truth, pulling no punches, AND did so in a way that I could hear it and act on it;

4. She enhanced my relationship with all my teams: with my staff, my supporters, as well as potential partners. This included both how I could better understand them, and on my end, how I could better show up for them and get them closer to their goals.

I recommend her without reservation.


Tom Brown- Vice President of Sales / Officite

“Kathy Brown and I began meeting for lunch once a month in 1994 to discuss business challenges and my career.  This quickly transformed into exchanging views on life, leadership and spirituality and how they intertwined in the business world.

“Through the years she has coached me on many business and leadership challenges.  Kathy’s dynamic personality and insight have facilitated numerous breakthroughs for me – both personally and professionally.  Her endless enthusiasm and positive energy always leave me feeling that I can successfully conquer any challenge life throws at me.  But it has always been Kathy’s unique perspective that has helped me to view challenges in a more creative light.  Being able to envision a new, more creative, approach has ultimately led to my greatest successes.

“I highly recommend Kathy to any executive looking to improve the quality of their business and their life – with Kathy there is no either/or.  I am confident that just as she has done for me, her unique approach will bring out the best in you and your employees.”


 Listen to what our clients say about Kathy Brown’s training skills.


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