The Tango!

Submerge into – the trenches of  TANGO
where the emotions are played out with ‘intensity’
 the loss, the power plays, the dramas.

Tango dancersIn the early 1800’s men and women of Europe were not in the habit of dancing in closed position.  In fact, the closest a man and woman would come to touching each other would be a slight grazing of the hands, while moving around in a circle.  There was the momentary man’s hand on the woman’s back.  Can you imagine the sensuality felt just by a mere brush of a hand…

Around 1850 when the Opera of Paris was going through some economically challenging times the director decided to have several actors dance a Viennese Waltz in closed position!  This was unprecedented!  And, it saved the day!  It kept the theatre seats filled for the evening performances…  It was also the beginning of  slowly breaking down the walls of social acceptance because Paris at the time, was the center of art and refinement.

Throughout history, women have always been attracted to a man who can dance.  How did dancing in closed position come into the open?   In the 1880’s  men would practice with other men in bars and gambling houses.  Tango made its way into the brothels where the hours would pass through the night while dancing with the local prostitutes.  Once it was common in the brothels, men would come home and teach Tango dancing to their sisters.  It was a tease, something they shouldn’t do, but loved to do.  Soon the common people began to dance the Tango in public while the elite still felt it was beneath them.

In the later part of the 1800’s Argentina became a rich and powerful country.  While they wined and dined other heads of state, they took the Tango out in the open and shared it with the elite.  Soon it was a common thread to share at any celebrational function, holding intact Tango dancing’s flavor of strength, passion, and sensuality.

When dancing close to one another the feminine and masculine energy is ignited.  It allows each individual to express their inner emotions.   It can be totally innocent where one needs to express who they are just on the dance floor.  Just like someone else blows off steam when playing sports.  It doesn’t have to break out into an assorted affair.

When one is in or out of a committed relationship and takes a dance class it allows the natural masculine or feminine energy to be heard.  It allows the healthy expression of who we are.

Yes! it is a great place to meet people as friends or romantic possibilities.  I have had 89 couples  meet in my class and get married.  And this is just the numbers I know about.

We are thankful to the dance of Tango which made it acceptable to hold each other close and enjoy the masculine and feminine expressions of who we truly are.

Ask your self which dance fits you? Dance & Energy


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